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Senin, 01 April 2019

Compliment of the Season


I am sorry for this interruption. I have no other means of contacting you than these means, if the content below is contrary to your moral ethics. Please accept my apologies but please treat with absolute and personal secrecy. My name is Mr. Neth Savoeun I am a bank manager here in Cambodia. I contacted you for a reason.
I would like to seek your help with the transfer of a $ 9.6 million depository made by a foreign investor for an investment programmed that has remained dormant for years now. I discovered that the account holder died without making a will on the depository. And after my curious investigation, the deceased died with his family in a car accident during the summer holidays of 2010 in France. His term of office has no contact with any of his relatives.

This money cannot be approved to a local bank account holder, but only by a foreign bank account holder. I would like to introduce you as the next of kin to claim the fund, the fund will be shared at 50% / 50% split, between you and me, I will provide you with more details and relevant documents that will help you understand the transaction.
I was his personal accountant before his death; I have all the vital information so that we can claim the money without any problem. I only worry about your ability to keep this transaction secret to protect my work. The transaction is 100% risk free because I studied the transaction correctly as a professional banker and found that it was safe before contacting you.

If you are interested, answer me and I will tell you what we need to do to claim the fund within a week.

I await your urgent response.


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